We are GoodKnight Books, an award-winning small publisher that thinks big. We already have some great books on the market, and two exciting new hardcovers and several ebooks in the works. Our goal is to become an important player in the changing world of publishing.

Whether you're a writer, reader, retailer, or producer of books, you know how dramatically the publishing world has evolved in recent years. Bricks-and-mortar booksellers are giving way to cyber stores, ebooks have captured a significant market share from their paper-based counterparts, the number of titles produced by the major houses is shrinking, and those revered giants are growing ever-more conservative.

All of which makes room for the small press. We have the know-how and agility to get books to print and e-platforms that don't quite fit the major houses. And that's just what we're doing. We like to think of ourselves as little ... and fierce.

Please bookmark this site and visit us often to see what's new and different at GoodKnight Books.